This page is current as of 20:00 23 Oct 2003

About Richard Stallman's speeches this weekend

Sadly, Richard Stallman has broken his arm on his travels in Finland.

I am pleased to announce that Richard Stallman has arrived in England and has taken the lecture in Sheffield despite discomfort from his arm. The lecture on Sunday is scheduled to go ahead as detailed below. GNU books and T-shirts will be available.

Current Arrangements:

'Free as in Freedom'
Stoddart Room
Sheffield Hallam University
Midday onwards, Saturday.
Tickets need to be booked in advance.

'The dangers of software patents'
on Sunday 26th Oct at 2:30pm in
The Large Lecture Theatre
Cavendish Campus
University of Westminster
115 New Cavendish St. London. 
PDF poster for event 146k

Please pass the address to anyone you know who may come to a speech so that they too will be kept up to date with arrangements.

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